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Julie Olson


Julie Olson, company founder, is a Fellow with the Society for Marketing Professional Services. With over 25 years experience, she provides a balanced approach to management and marketing, heightened by her years as partner in an architectural firm with multi-state offices.

An accomplished writer and consultant, she has provided training and consulting to professional service firms including architectural, engineering, legal, accounting, and interior design, as well as retail stores, universities, non-profits, and numerous associations.




Amy Ruth has been a part of the GO team since February of 2006. She doubles as an office administrator and consultant. Along with assisting on most client projects, she manages several projects of her own, focusing on social media and online commerce. Amy received a B.S. in Social Sciences from Washington State University.



Nick Wiinikka is Godwin Olson's resident Renaissance man. Combining an education in engineering with several years experience as a professional touring and recording musician - his contribution to the GO team is invaluable. Nick is CAD certified, and has a great creative sense. His services range from graphic design to digital renderings.